Serena Randolph

Full-Stack Web Developer

Serena is a senior Wordpress developer with over six years of experience building successful websites and web applications. She understands that the success of a project rests not only on solid code but on clear communication, leveraging team skills, and developing a "big picture" view of the project — both in terms of project goals and code architecture — from the outset.

A strong team player who loves the richness of collaboration, Serena is also very self-directed and happy to work independently. She is known for her speed in development and her ability to balance tasks, priorities, and unknowns to maintain deadline. Happy clients include IDEO, Netflix, and the U.S. State Department.

Available for on-site or remote contract-based work. Travel is welcome.



Agency: IDEO · May - June, 2016

An internal web application for Netflix, built on Wordpress and heavy on the javascript and custom theme functionality. Details are available with the signing of an NDA at the discretion of the project lead. I was the sole developer and the build lasted 6 weeks. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

I can’t believe you’ve gotten this much done in four weeks!

— Ethan Klein, Developer, IDEO

Serena has a unique sense for knowing when to surface challenges with the group to jointly develop ideas, and when to go head's down and just knock out a part of the work on her own. She's as delightful to share a project space with as she is impressive and inspiring to work with. She's a fast, accurate, talented developer, and is phenomenally intellectually curious. I can't wait to work with her again!

— Mathew Chow, Netflix Project Lead, IDEO



Agency: IDEO · May, 2016 - Ongoing

A full-fledged front-end build in React for IDEO's CoLab to showcase their work and build their member base. I was the sole developer with guidance from some of the masterful engineers on CoLab's team.

Serena is one of my favorite collaborators — she has a keen eye for detail, and a great eye for design. On top of that, she delivers top-grade code that's consistent and always on-time.

— Tara Tan, Design Lead, IDEO



Agency: Aero Interactive · February - March, 2016

Optiform is built on a completely custom Wordpress theme. As the lead developer in a team of two, I planned site architecture, handled complex development tasks, and provided mentoring to my more junior team member.

Custom content types, advanced custom fields, and ACF flexible layouts were used to provide utmost flexibility, as well as clarity, for the site administrators. Customizable drag-and-drop panels give the client complete freedom of choice while maintaining separation of the visual and data layers to protect the site's integrity. Full freedom and zero risk lead to a happy client.

Serena is extremely knowledgeable in regards to all things development. Her precision and dedication to high-quality work set her apart as a high-caliber developer, dedicated to her craft. She is client-focused and willing to take the time to guide her clients through processes that could be otherwise overwhelming.

— Lindsey Leanne, Creative Director, Aero Interactive

IDEO Little Book of Design Research Ethics

The Little Book of Design Research Ethics

Agency: IDEO · January, 2016

IDEO's LBoDRE is advertised on a simple Wordpress build. Minor technical details include a Mailchimp integration which leads to an on-site automatic file download, and custom jQuery Validation functionality.

Serena is a joy to work with for many reasons, but her attention to detail makes her a designer's dream. She is also incredibly resourceful when it comes to tricky bugs and new technologies. I hope we can work together for years to come!

— Katie Clark, Digital Marketing Director, IDEO

Pacific Life: Swell

Swell Investing

Agency: IDEO · December, 2015

As part of IDEO's prototyping process, the Swell team required a number of live, interactive web prototypes to gauge user interest. Details are available with the signing of an NDA at the discretion of the project lead. The work involved front-end technologies and fast turn-around times.